Coro Realty Advisors, Tremont, Atlanta

Contractor: Hogan Construction

Post Properties - Peachtree Hill, Atlanta

Contractor: Cambridge Builders

AMCO, Lakeside at Vinings Mountain

Contractor: Reliant Construction

Coro Realty Advisors, Buckhead Place, Atlanta

Contractor: Manhattan Construction

Dwell at McEwen, Franklin, Tennessee

Contractor: Southern Land Company

Projects Underway

Campus Quarter Student Housing, Mobile, AL
Contractor: TDK Construction Company

Weirbridge Village Apartments, Ashville, NC
Contractor: Hathaway Construction Services

Ashton Reserve at Northlake, Charlotte, NC
Contractor: Sterling Highlands/Tynes Development

Mechanicsville Apartments, Atlanta, GA
Contractor: Capstone Building Corporation

Pineview Point, Birmingham, AL
Contractor: Alethia House


I want to thank ISD for coming to us over a year ago and showing us your kitchen cabinet products. You were a new company but we took a chance on you with our two largest projects. It was a big risk, but you performed magnificently! The install was smooth, your response to little problems was timely, the field team was thoroughly professional, and you always tried to please. You have a loyal and grateful customer.

R.J. Lintault RA CCM
CORO Development, LLC

There is no way you will be able to beat the price, service and quality ISD is able to provide. The sales and design team are truly able to deliver a great value to the multi family industry with out sacrificing quality.

Our partnership with ISD is sure to last a long time.

Evan Reiss
Assistant Development Manager
CORO Development, LLC

ISD provided us with not only a quality product but even better service. ISD ensured that the cabinets that went into our building were of the quality we expected and a quality that would help to rent units in our luxury high rise.

Brent Pease
Brek Management, Inc.

ISD was great to work with. Like most apartment jobs, we had problems with cabinets not fitting. This becomes a problem when your entire job, 258 units, is shipped in from China, pre-fab. You just can't rebuild new cabinets. You're forced to deal with what you have, and make it work. The ISD sales and design team came to Nashville, from Atlanta the next day and addressed the problems with quick, easy solutions. ISD is dedicated to making sure that their are installed professionally with quality being the number one priority. If your looking for a cabinet company for your next job, I highly recommend ISD.

Rick Scrip
Southern Land Company, Assistant Superintendent
Dwell Apartments, Franklin, TN

Thanks for making the cabinet supply and install at Dwell a huge success. Your attention to detail and prior planning made it easy. Production is everything in multi-family and you were always on time. Let's not forget, you saved us a lot of money while raising the standard of quality. That's unheard of today. Thank you and job well done.

Karl M. Fuller
Construction Manager, Dwell Apartments
Southern Land Company